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California Number of Bills

CA A 2155 (Workplace/Overtime) was vetoed by the governor.

This bill would have prohibited a nurse employed by the state or in a state facility, from being compelled to work in excess of the regularly scheduled workweek or work shift, except under certain circumstances, including the occurrence of a catastrophic event in a state facility.

CA S 1384 (CNA) was signed by the governor.

This bill deletes the requirement that the State Department of Public Health can deny a training and examination application for nursing assistants, as well as, deny, suspend, or revoke a certificate if the applicant or certificate holder has been convicted of a violation or attempted violation of one or more specified crimes.

CA A 2396 (Licensing/CBC) was signed by the governor.

This bill prohibits a vocational or professional licensing board under the Department of Consumer Affairs from denying a license based solely on a conviction that has been dismissed pursuant to certain provisions of existing law.

CA A 186 (Licensing/Military Spouse) was signed by the governor.

This bill establishes a temporary licensure process for specified licensed professions for an applicant who holds a current, active, or unrestricted license in another jurisdiction and supplies evidence of being married to or in a domestic partnership or other legal union with an active duty member of the Armed Forces who is assigned to a duty station in the state.


July 2014

In Delaware, DE S 211 was signed by the governor. This bill establishes a 30 day late renewal period for certified nursing assistants during which they may still work. It also provides a fee for late renewal rather than having to retake the certified nursing assistant test and pay the testing fee.

In New York, NY A 9202 was signed by the governor. This bill establishes September 28, 2014 as the date of the Bronx Marathon for the purpose of authorizing certain health care professionals licensed in other jurisdictions to practice in New York state during that event.

In Hawaii, the Governor signed HI S 2469. This bill requires equivalent insurance reimbursement for services provided by a health care provider to a patient regardless of whether the service is provided through telehealth or face-to-face contact. It clarifies that telehealth providers include primary care providers, mental health providers, oral health providers, physicians and osteopathic physicians, advanced practice registered nurses, psychologists, and dentists, and also changes references to telemedicine to telehealth for consistency.

In Massachusetts, the Governor signed MA H 4228. This bill mandates that in all intensive care units the patient assignment for the registered nurse shall be 1:1 or 1:2 depending on the stability of the patient as assessed by the acuity tool and by the staff nurses in the unit, including the nurse manager or the nurse manager's designee when needed to resolve a disagreement. The acuity tool will be developed or chosen by each hospital in consultation with the staff nurses and other appropriate medical staff and shall be certified by the department of public health.

In New York, the Governor signed NY S 6323. This bill authorizes any person licensed as a physician, physician's assistant, massage therapist, physical therapist, chiropractor, dentist, optometrist, nurse, nurse practitioner or podiatrist in another state or territory and appointed by the World Triathlon Corporation to practice the profession in New York in connection with an athletic event sanctioned by the World Triathlon Corporation.

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